Galerie Lligat
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Passés Cités

Opening of the Lligat Gallery in Perpignan in June 2020.

Located in a former private mansion in the historic centre of Perpignan, the Galerie Lligat will open its doors with a group exhibition in June 2020.
This exhibition is intended as a reflection on the engagement of history and the memory — of a place, a form, a work, an historical fact — in the contemporary world, or how the quotation of the past reinvents futures to overcome our concerns.

Showcased artists | Edouard Trémeau, Catherine Jansens, Marc Crépy, Gilbert Desclaux, Jérémy Louvencourt.
@ Édouard Trémeau


Marc Crépy, Route du bord de mer, ink wash, 14 x 20 cm, 2019.
© Marc Crépy


Bouteille R, livre et livre de compte, 2002.
© Catherine Jansens.


© Gilbert Desclaux


© Jérémy Louvencourt