Galerie Lligat is a young gallery located in a private mansion in the historic centre of Perpignan. This place, abandoned for a few years, is in the process of being restored. A few steps from Perpignan Cathedral, the space houses a building from the end of the 14th century in the basement, which will have to be renovated and excavated before hosting artists’ projects.

Founded by Valérie Jottreau in October 2019, the gallery brings together artists of all generations, with confirmed or emerging backgrounds. She is committed to representing all practices, painting, drawing, sculpture, multidisciplinary projects.
It will work to combine local and international aspects and will actively participate in the artistic development of a changing city.

Gradually, it will be a question of developing publishing projects and proposing a free, inventive analytical and critical discourse that engages writing in the transmission and sharing of sensitive receptions in the face of political, social, formal and emotional history.