Galerie Lligat was founded by Valérie Jottreau at the end of December 2019.
Located in Perpignan, in the historic centre, the gallery offered two distinct and complementary spaces. The first one integrated in the pedestrian area of the heart of the city and a few steps away, a private space, on the courtyard, in an 18th century mansion. Since February 2022, the gallery has refocused its activity on a single courtyard space to give more coherence to its activity.
As a place of reflection, transmission and promotion of contemporary creation and a place of resistance, the lligat gallery tries to combine local and international dimensions, and strives to encourage the discovery of young artists or the rediscovery of artists who deserve a re-evaluation.
The encounters experienced during the first three years have progressively outlined a Franco-German line that the gallery wishes to develop more significantly in the years to come.

If it is involved in showing all the practices of artists who are now largely multidisciplinary, the gallery has, since its creation, been very attached to practices that include contemporary drawing.
Through the programming of exhibitions “in situ” or “hors les murs”, its objective is to guide the public and collectors in the exploration of the major themes that mobilise the artists represented, such as visual anthropology, history, memory, democratic ethics, nature and the living world.
In parallel with the exhibitions, the gallery is developing a publishing activity.

At the end of 2021, a first book was published with the support of the CNAP, on the work of Muriel Valat-B “Plissements”.
A second book is being prepared, with the support of the CNAP, for publication at the end of 2023: the first monograph on the work of the German artist, “BKB Brigitte Kühlewind-Brennenstuhl”, on the occasion of a first monographic exhibition programmed within the framework of a Public/Private agreement at the Musée d’Art Moderne de Collioure and at the Galerie Lligat in 2024.