Galerie Lligat is a young gallery founded by Valérie Jottreau in December 2019. Located in Perpignan, in the historical center, the gallery offers two distinct and complementary spaces. The first one is integrated in the pedestrian area of the heart of the city and a few steps away, a private space, on a courtyard, in an 18th century mansion. The gallery aims to be a place for reflection, transmission and promotion of contemporary creation.

It attempts to combine local and international dimensions, and is committed to encouraging the discovery or rediscovery of artists of all generations, both emerging and confirmed.

While it is involved to showing all the practices of artists who are now largely multidisciplinary, the gallery is currently very attached to practices that include contemporary drawing or contemporary ceramic sculpture.

Through the schedule of exhibitions “in situ” or “outdoor“, its objective is to guide the public and collectors in the exploration of major themes that mobilize the artists represented, such as visual anthropology, history, memory, democratic ethos, the nature and the living world.

Editorial and critical works as well as support for the production of certain projects will be developed progressively.