Muriel Persil, Forme végétale, faïence, 2018. 52H X 26Lcm. Muriel PERSIL > Muriel Persil's pieces express, through the idea of metamorphosis, the mysterious relationship that man has with the other living forms that surround him. They express with emotion all the beauty and diversity of living things. Muriel VALAT-B From image to image the dark and its cohorts are undoing themselves and moving towards the light. What remains are the braids and the lines that in cocoons
are not tidied up but set up an immense fragile thread: it is only there to hold back the day. Jean-Paul Gavard-Perret. La nuit est usée n°10, 2018.detail. Gavard-Perret. La nuit est usée n°10, 2018.Détail.
Naym Ben Amara at work. Work 2, détail. Naym Ben Amara at work. Naym BEN AMARA I have come to understand that the emergence of a form is undeniably a kind of conversation with it. © Naym Ben Amara. Detail. > Jérémy LOUVENCOURT
By carefully selecting his supports, even making their research a ritual act, Jérémy Louvencourt prepares a graphic tension that in the repetition of the gesture seeks less to find an origin than to measure itself against its trace.
© Jérémy Louvencourt, detail.
Marielle Degioanni, Desert Face, 2020 Marielle DEGIOANNI > Marielle Degioanni creates delicate little intimate and surreal visions where the female body combines with the animal or vegetable kingdom. — Amélie Adamo 2016.
© Marielle Degioanni, Desert Face. Detail.
By crumpling and trituring the paper material he covers with acrylic or more recently pastel, Gilbert Desclaux makes tactility a material from which he extracts the veins and folds of time.
© Gilbert Desclaux, detail.