Jihane Khelif

Born in Nogent sur Marne (France), in 1982. She lives and works in Occitanie.


Jihane Khelif grew up in Marseille and attended the annex of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts from an early age. There she developed her passion for drawing and painting, and then continued her artistic career at the Faculty of Letters and Arts in Aix-Marseille. In 2004 and 2013, she passed the Capes and Agrégation of Plastic Arts exams, which allowed her to teach, and moved to Narbonne where she continues her plastic research in her studio.
In 2017, Layla Moget exhibited her work for the first time at the LAC in Sigean and participated in the group exhibition “En parallèle 2”.
Several group exhibitions will allow her to meet other artists and share new artistic experiences (CAC de Bédarrieux in 2019, Serrencia gallery in Sigean in 2019, “Salon du Dessin Contemporain” in Narbonne in 2019, 2020, 2021…), “L’Art déboîte”, curated by Fabrice Delprat and “Adessin6” at the chapel of Quartier haut in Sète in 2021…).
Some personal exhibitions will focus on very private series: “les baigneurs”, “album n°1” based on old family albums, or his “hospital” series started in 2017 following the surgery of a relative.
Certain problems linked to our society are also denounced through her works on slaughterhouses or police violence (the “boulettes” series).
In July 2020, she is invited to take up a residency at the Filature du Mazel near Le Vigan where she will continue her work on the hospital, this time with a resonance with the news linked to the Covid 19 health crisis.
In 2021, she is selected to participate in the “Rencontres du Dessin de Montagne”, which will allow her to obtain the edition of an art book with Richard Meier (voice edition).
In March 2022, the N5 gallery in Montpellier offered her a solo show entitled “Palinopsia” (palinopsia is a term used in ophthalmology which comes from the Greek palin: “repetition” and opsie: ” eyesight ” and which characterises a disorder of visual perception by the abnormal persistence or reappearance of images after their disappearance). The blurred and constructed images in his paintings thus evoke this medical term, giving a haptic dimension and questioning the artifices of an “illusionary image” that is sometimes very cinematic.

Solo Exhibitions

“VLA”, 18 and 19.05, Sète, France
“Palinopsie”, 23.03 to 23.04.2022, N5 Gallery, Montpellier, France

“Bleu Soleil”, 23.07 to 28.08.2021, Espace Relin, Béziers, France

Castle Gallery, from 14 to 28.07.2018, Sigean, France
“Jihane Khelif”, 113 Gallery, from 1.02 to 23.02.2019, Castelnaudary, France
« Métissage », Contemporary Art Space, from 2.01 to 7.02.2019, Bédarieux, France

Group Exhibitions

« Adessin 6 », Chapelle of Upper Distrist of Sète, from 13 to 28.11.2021, Sète, France
“L’Art Déboite”, from 12 to 15.08. 2021, Béziers, France

Narbonne contemporary drawing exhibition, 2, from 8.02 to 1.03.2020, Narbonne, France

“Mountain drawing meetings”, Refuge de Batère, from 17 to 19.09. 2021, Haut Vallespir, Occitanie, France

“En parallèle II”, the LAC, from 22.10 to 19.11.2017, Sigean, France

Artist Residence

Pop up residence at the Filature du Mazel, from 10 to 18.07.2020, Val-d’Aigoual, GArd, France