Muriel Valat-B

Perpignan, France

Born in Albi (France), in 1961. She lives and works in Pyrénées Orientales.



Available Works

Muriel Valat-b, La nuit est usée n°10, 2018
La nuit est usée N°10, 2018.
Eau forte on paper
Muriel Valat-B, Le plus profond c’est la peau n°1, 2019.13x29 cm.
Le plus profond c’est la peau N°1, 2019
Cotton veil, Printing ink
Muriel Valat-B, La vie naît d'un pli N°1ter, 2019. Cotton and pigments, 53 x 106 cm.
« La vie naît d’un pli » N°1ter, 2019
Cotton and pigments
Phalène, 2020, Series. Photography © Hugo Pedel
Organza and threads


and Formation

Secondary school diploma, mention plastic arts in Perpignan, khâgne at the Joffre high school in Montpellier, University Paul Valery in Montpellier, literature and theater studies, 1979-1983.
Art History Cycle at Queens College New York, 1985
Maîtrise de droit public (Master’s degree in public law), Bastia, 1986
Studies in plastic arts, beginning of the cursus at ENSBA then University Paris-Sorbonne, Paris, 1987-94
Preparation of Postgraduate Certificate in Education (CAPES) in Plastic Arts, University of Paris-Sorbonne, Paris, 1992.
Establishes his studio in Berlin in a former factory in Kreuzberg and focuses on painting and engraving, 1994-2004
Classical singing practice with the Polyfolia ensemble, six women’s voices, conducted by Nathalie Dudart, since 2004
Establishes her workshop in Planèzes, in the Fenouillèdes, 2006
Second studio in Perpignan, and directs its research towards textiles, 2017


Scholarship Kulturfonds Fondation, 1999
Scholarship Käthe Dorsch Fondation, 2000



« Les Conques », Contemporary art and Heritage, Planèzes Chapel, Le Fenouillèdes, France
« Le plus profond c’est la peau », The House of Mediterranean Engraving, Montpellier, France

« La Nuit est usée », in resonance with the text by Jacques Dupin “Ballast”, Torcatis Bookshop Gallery Space, Perpignan, France

« Matin Intérieur », Central Library, University Via Domitia, Perpignan, France

Hüning & Reiprich Gallery, Potsdam, Germany

« Forum junge Kunst », At Tauentzien, Association for the Promotion of Young Art, Berlin, Germany
« Sainte-Agathe », M Gallery, Berlin, Germany

Mediterranean Image Centre, Malves Castle, Malves-en-Minervois, France

« Grüner Salon at The Volksbühne », with the support of the French Institute, Berlin, Germany

« Femmes pendues », Maison de France, Berlin, Germany
Pels Leusden Gallery, Berlin, Germany

Taking part in various printmaking exhibitions in France and Germany



Fresh legs, Inselgallery, Berlin, Germany
Künstlergruppe KunstkkA #3, Rathenau Hallen industrial wasteland, Berlin, Germany

« Phalènes », the transparency of opacity, in resonance with Virginia Woolf’s writing, Rathenau Hallen industrial wasteland, contemporary art trail, Berlin, Germany
Printing workshop at the BBK Cultural Center, Bethanien House of Artists, Berlin, Germany

« En double compagnie », with Jean-Claude Pirotte’s text, « Ajoie », Torcatis bookshop gallery space, Perpignan, France.

Kreuzberg Museum, Berlin, Germany

« Existart container », Biennale of Contemporary Art, Baden-Baden, Germany

Art Fair at Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin, Germany
« Judith et Holopherne », Storkowerbogen Gallery, Berlin, Germany

« 50 artistes pour la Revue Regard », Paris, France

« Hommage à Aurélie Nemours», Salon de l’Estampe, Paris, France


Conception and animation

Since 2016, working with different structures and associations, collaborates in the design and animation of workshops exploring the relationship between writing and visual arts.

Founded the association Miroir du son, with the wish to create a dialogue between poetry, music and plastic arts, and to deploy the true range of poetics in our lives, to encourage exchanges around the processes of creation and to create new partnerships through exhibitions and artist residencies.
Manage of the festival, “A Summer in The Chapel”, 21 groups, singing/music/reading/dance performance, are invited to participate in the Open Scenes, Planèzes, France

“Reading the human in an inhuman world, Art and memory at the Rivesaltes Memorial” (in collaboration with the Gfen), Rivesaltes, France
Co-founds the group Café-Pirotte with the Torcatis Bookshop, a group of readers/authors/teachers.
Reading by voice-over as a place of exchange and discovery, here around the work of the poet Jean-Claude Pirotte and sharing with the public, “The night of the reading”, Media Librairy, Perpignan, France

2016 et 2018
Organisation of a series of meetings at the Torcatis Bookshop, Perpignan, France
Discussion roundtables with publishers from 66 (Voix éditions, Éditions K, Atelier autonome du livre), authors and visual artists, to examine the process of creation, encourage the sharing of experiences and aesthetic emotions with the public, and promote transversality (artists, authors, publishers, educators, amateurs, readers aloud).

“The Underside of Creation”: Laboratory notebooks, sketchbooks, mood notebooks, travel notebooks, innumerable notebooks that keep traces of the underside and the back shop, scratches and scars, sketches and traces, stammering.
Notebooks, precious reliquaries of the work processes. Drafts are treasures. Intimate notebooks where no results are required, where failure and success are not in evidence (in collaboration with the Gfen)


Private Collections

Present in private collections in France, Germany, Austria, United States / Atlanta, Andorra, Spain, Finland


Artist's art books and writing

Writing / Poetry
Muriel Valat-b, “Parler plus loin”, Éditions Paraules, Ille-sur-Têt, France (forthcoming).

“Ceux qui respirent les yeux ouverts”, graphite drawings with a text by Carine Salgas, Elne, France, VOIXéditions, Richard Meier, 2019.

“La nuit est usée”, intaglio engravings with texts by Jacques Dupin and Carine Salgas, Elne, France, VOIXéditions, Richard Meier, 2018.


and bibliography

Gabriela Mecky Zaragoza, “Da befiel sie Furcht und Angst … Judith im Drama des 19. Jahrhunderts” (Then fear and anxiety took hold of her… Judith in the drama of the 19th century), Ludicium, Munich, 2005.

Marion kobelt-Groch, “Ich bin Judith”, Leipziger Universitätsvlg, 2004. A book on the myth of Judith and Holofernes in literature and painting.

Kunstedition SporkoNummer 9, Cologne, 1999.
“Revue la Rencontre des amis du musée Fabre”, Montpellier, France, 1999.

Kunstedition Sporko Nummer 7, Cologne, 1998

“Revue la Rencontre des amis du musée Fabre”, Montpellier, France, 1997

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