Naym Ben Amara

is Born in Bastia in Corse (France), in 1984. He lives and works in Aveyron.


University studies in Organic Chemistry in Corsica, punctuated by artistic research extended to various practices: theatre, dance, painting.
Dedicated exclusively to drawing since 2014.

Through my work, I question the notion of form and its relationship with its environment. Multiplied and amplified, a basic element has the capacity to edit new forms on a larger scale. Each level is endowed with its own organisation and aesthetics.
The Living, for example, from the simplest molecule to more complex structures such as DNA, cells, bodies and societies, is built only from basic chemical elements such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and azote. Yet each level of organisation presents unique and new forms, organisation and aesthetics.

Solo Exhibitions

La Halle au blé, La Flèche, France

Galerie Espace Les Noisetiers, La Cavalerie, France

“Manuscrit Premier” [Piece of 1,5X10m], Espace Culturel de Millau, Millau, France

“Fragments”, Galerie Passage à l’Art, Millau, France
“La Naissance des formes”, Galerie le 11 Capell’Art, Millau, France

Group Exhibitions


“Quelqu’un souffle sur mon cœur”, with Jérémy Louvencourt and Muriel Persil, Galerie Lligat, Perpignan, France
Galerie Noir&Blanc Bastia, Corse, France
Galerie Passage à l’Art, Millau, France
Musée des Marionnettes, Saint-Affrique, France
Biennale du dessin Actuel, Saint-Affrique, France

Atelier les 12 figures, Saint-Sernin-sur-Rance, France
Arts and Crafts Fair, Millau, France

Galerie ALG, Paris, France
Galerie Noir&Blanc, Bastia, France
Galerie ALG, Paris, France

Squ’Arts, Installation “Tombe proprement !”, Millau, France
Galerie Ô Marches du Palais, Lodève, France


Collaboration with the Authors Florence Toussan and Nnuccia for the magazine Proximités – IMIS Workshop

Experimental book : exhibition catalogue “Fragments” published by Clapàs, 2017
Experimental book and catalogue of the exhibition “Fragments”. Project in collaboration with the philosopher Jean-Vincent Jacq. It questions the experience and its transcription. An instantaneous topographical survey of the idea, of the creative intuition at the very moment of its emergence. 155 fragments of text and 55 drawings measuring 29.7×42 cm.

Covers of the CNRS Project’Îles magazine
Two Covers of the CNRS Review Fert’Îles

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