Marielle Degioanni, Blooming Skin

Marielle Degioanni, Blooming Skin

Due to the health crisis, the exhibition of Marielle Degioanni is rescheduled from 19 mai to 31 july 2021.

Blooming Skin
Works on Paper

19.05.2021 | 31.07.2021
Free entrance
2pm to 7pm
from Wednesday to Saturday

Lligat Gallery
3 place André Grétry
66000 Perpignan
and every day by appointment
at 12 rue de la révolution française
66000 Perpignan

Opening in the form of a meeting with Marielle Degioanni on 29 and 30 May 2021

From 2pm to 6.30pm at 12 rue de la révolution française 66000 Perpignan. Interphone Galerie Lligat.

Marielle Degioanni’s compositions celebrate the miniature to better focus the intimacy and distinction of the image. The forms – bodies, flowers, plants, stems, buds, hair, animals – most often graceful and juvenile, are born from successive perforations made with a metal point, often associated with pencil and touches of watercolor. These perforations are so many penetrations of paper that sign the image, even before the figure is fully perceived, identified. For first, there is the empty space and the distinctive marks – holes but whose raised edges make the paper bud. The perforation implies a double gesture of penetration and withdrawal that enhances the edges of each cavity and plays with the back and front of the image. These stigmas keep away the drawing, the pattern, giving less to see than to feel the skin of the paper, its subjectile power. – Gallery Lligat 2021.

“There is in my drawings a mixture of radicalness and delicacy, I attack the paper as I caress it, it is an ambivalent process, which I like to compare to certain erotic games. I am looking for an absolute, it is a quest that concerns the questions of incarnation, regeneration, vital vegetal and feminine energy, their sacred and universal character: it is a question of giving body to this invisible and non-language energy flow that I perceive. The drawings created are situated on the side of reverie and allegory, spaces of contemplation where the sensitive and the metaphorical figuration are deployed in an economy of means, playing with legibility as if to better extract the sensitive substance, the unveiled interiority.” – Marielle Degioanni 2020.

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